Global warming and what can we do - some portion of positive news...

Obligatory disclaimer: I was born on Earth, I have incentives to ensure abundance and prosperity.

Glacies are melting and it is not “cool”
Glacies are melting and it is not “cool”

Global Warming affecting everyone across the globe:

  • Pacific Islands
  • Bangladesh
  • Sub-saharan Africa
  • Hurracines in Carribean
  • Forest fires

There are multiple negative feedback loops, it’s getting out of control:

  • white polar caps melting, dark ocean waters absorbing heat
  • permanent frost melting releasing natural gas
  • ocean acidification
ocean warming exacerbates ocean deoxygenation, which is an additional stressor on marine organisms

Denying climate change is disgraceful

It's OK to be not OK - take some rest, take some sleep - wake up the following day and be back to norm.

It's OK to admit mistake.

Don’t lose me here - I respect Donald Trump for his business abilities - back in 2011 a friend of a friend was taking part in the UK version of The Apprentice (with Lord Sugar) and I was watching the US version too. These guys know business like no other.

Not everything “Donald Trump” is automatically bad
Not everything “Donald Trump” is automatically bad

To go bankrupt 4 times and pay zero in federal taxes - that makes him smart!

At the same time - climate change is beyond denial and it's alarming that Wikileaks has to publish NASA report.

Chief of NASA is also climate change denier, but not all the hope is lost, here come some sure-fire no-brainer ideas...

Regenerative ecosystems

Hemp - non psychoactive version of cannabis is a great example. It provides food, fuel, fabrics, construction materials, everything - it enriches the soil and provides environment for other plants.

Systematic change

Triple bottom line (or otherwise noted as TBL or 3BL) is an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial. Many organizations have adopted the TBL framework to evaluate their performance in a broader perspective to create greater business value.

People and planet, not only profit for shareholders at the cost of exploitation of workers and environment.

A great example is Kickstarter becoming public benefit corporation.

By definition they are innovative and chances are many other organisations will follow the suit.

Repurposing military production

We do not need more tanks, jet, missiles. Just because there is some guy in an isolated country on the other side of the world, we do not need to play “terror game”.

If we continue at this pace of exploiting the planet and looking beyond 4-5 years horizon election cycle, there will be plenty of environmental migrants and wars over fresh water.

Rather than fighting for limited resources, create post-scarcity world where everyone can live in prosperity.

Rather than investing in the arms race - fiercer bullets, tougher armor - use the brainpower of scientists and researchers to build a brighter future.

Divesting - move your money

  • Universities teaching coal mining?
  • Pension funds holding stock of tobacco companies?
  • Banks financing exploitative industries?

Your wallet makes a difference, and there organisations providing instructions how to move your money.

(intergalactic) global way of doing business

If we were to establish a company, where do we register it? That was the question I’ve asked the audience at the Burning Man:

  • Nevada
  • Federal land
  • California - Burning Man is non-profit organisation in San Francisco
  • Delaware - most of Silicon Valley companies are registered there
  • I’m from Kraków, Poland
  • Back then living in London, England
  • Developing in Wales
  • England / Wales / England & Wales / Great Britain / United Kingdom / United Kingdom and British Overseas Territories / Commonwealth
  • European Union / European Economic Area / Schengen Zone

And there are some laws that apply regardless the location:

No wonder why certain jurisdictions are competing for business by offering various incentives, mostly related to taxes.

Do we need to rely on existing models of governance?

As of October 2017 we have technology to live self-sufficient off-the-grid, without the interference of the government. Food, water, energy, education, healthcare, transportation, waste treatment, everything... We have alternatives to ICANN - - and as cost of satellites is getting more manageable, we do not need to rely on underwater fiber cables managed by consortiums of governments and corporations.

I see less and less areas where having a centralised government is beneficial. More and more existing jurisdictions (E-Estonia) allow to create business completely online. Another great example is Aragon - allowing to establish company on the Ethereum blockchain. With great power comes great responsibility - I trust technology more than I trust myself to protect my private key.

(to create multi-factor authentication with fingerprint, voice, retina scan, face ID, genome sequencing would be kind of cool and futuristic)

Jurisdisction as a service

Currently it's the police who has monopoly to use the force.

I was always "peace and love" - and yet after recent interaction with the government sponsored police (that doesn't know the law and has right to lie), I start to entertaining thought about private police and giving citizens access to guns.

(I know it's controversial, especially after Las Vegas shooting)

If we agree to do business on the blockchain - how do we ensure enforceability in case something goes wrong?

Example: loan to buy a car, missed a number of repayments, car should be returned to the lender. But who has the authority to knock at that persons door? Maybe we can design a smart contract that will not allow to start the vehicle, or will make a beeping noise until money is paid?

Liquid Democracy aka Delegative Voting

There are areas that I'd much rather delegate my vote to someone more knowlegeable. Decision regarding abortion I should be left to the pregnant woman, doctors and social workers who spent decades supporting unwanted children (for example victims of a rape). I do not have right and I do want to decide about the law on their behalf.

Democracy originates in ancient Greece. Current model - bunch of representatives - was practical in 1800s - no telegraph, no phone, no internet - horse and cart technology... We can do much better and I'd be happy to receive a weekly summary of decisions that are affecting me. Then I'll be able to cast my vote or delegate it to someone more knowledgeable in the area.

I've been following work of Daniel Pinchbeck and Vinay Gupta who recently called me a "crazy hippie" - take it as a complement. There is a grain of truth to that, and there is a thin line between madman and a genius. I might be sitting somewhere on the borderline...

There are solutions

Humans are very good at solving problems. Matters of motivation and incentives. For example, United States of America during World War II completely shifted their economy

I was hanging out with NuMundo, United Earth, ASC

I had a chance to visit Holochain and Economic Space Agency in their "hacker houses" in San Francisco and Oakland. Do you know why HBO Silicon Valley is so funny? Because the best jokes are on the edge of being believable... These guys are working extremely hard.

I've joined Bitnation super-ambassador programme.

I'm E-Estonia resident since 2015.

Most of all - I'm no longer employed by a bank - it was a very well paid job allowing me to invest cash into the - visionary space to realise human potential and heal the planet. Starting from myself, providing solid foundation and solid base.

Be the change you want to see

You are what you eat - both in nutritional and informational sense.

  • What you put into your mouth - will become your body.
  • What you put into your head - will become your thoughts.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time. Surround yourself with ones those who inspire you and offer helpful hand to those who are not quite there but have a lot of potential.

Eat fresh, healthy, plant based diet. I'm not religiously vegan, I can justify occassional use of animal products - not everyone lives in a tropical climate with a lot of sun and abundance of fresh fruits. At the same time I higly respect vegan values and I hate to see the animal agriculture on an industrial scale.

(don't hate me for being honest)

How can you define real?

On the quantum level, it's just superposition of probabilities:ödinger's cat

Our 3D perception is somehow limited - we can see the visible light, but we do not see infrared or ultraviolet. We can hear audible sounds, but we need tools (created with 3D mindset) to "hear" ultrasounds of whales, dolphins or bats. There are so many forms of waves, frequencies, vibration, energy and I dare to say that we call reality is merely a small snippet of what actually happens in the universe at large.

Higgs Boson existed, even before it was officially discovered. Same applies to gravitational waves - they were always there, it's us who didn't have scientific tools.

I have no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes. I believe that it's a privilege to be born as a human - life is a gift, to live is an art. I'm committed to follow the highest vibration and the way of light. Soon I'll be visiting Ethereum Fundation DEVCON3 - - and then United Nations climate summit:

I'm not taking it for granted.

Every human has a mission and the first step is to acknowledge it - realise your strengths and weaknesses - figure out what makes you thrill, what keeps you in the flow.

I challenge you to become a leader - to connect with your friends who understand you, and rather than sharing pictures of food on Instagram, share a meal together... Everyone needs a support group, otherwise it's so easy to be ridiculed.

Join us on this quest

With the captain Liam Kurmos we designed - you can read more about his vision in another HuffPost article. We are 99% aligned and if in rare instances when a conflict arises we allow the vision to lead the way.

We are looking for doers, makers, hackers, designers, engineers. Also lawyers, accountants, business people...

Universe provides, fortune favours the bold.

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