Global Warming – The Clock is Ticking Mr. President!

Global Warming – YES, it's Real Mr. President!
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We've all heard much about "fake" news. And, while there may be some exaggeration in the headlines to capture reader's attention, the above caption for this article is true.

As I said in the acclaimed book, "Harnessing Heaven", one reason scientists disagree so much is many studies appear to focus on air temperatures rather than ocean warmth. It is here deep within our waters of the world where the climate is heating up. The Earth is warming and only a slight rise of one to two degrees in water temperature may cause devastating changes in the melting of ice.

The continued melting of the North and South Poles can bring catastrophe to our cities across the globe. As we, the invasive species of this planet, find ourselves struggling for survival the Earth will be freed from our pillaging. And, we might experience a global economic collapse that will begin as populations shift away from the shores leaving major metropolitan areas and central business districts as ghost towns.

Does this sound alarming? Or do we think that because this may occur in 100 years the coming Earth changes are not real? Do we wait until it is obvious before changing our behavior? Or, do we start planning now? I think the answer is obvious POTUS – please take the lead.

If you are not sure, then perhaps go visit the polar bears up North. That's if you can find them as their ice sheets and frozen lands have disappeared causing the polar bear population to decline and seek new lands to call home.

In recent weeks, there have been a number of articles in major publications describing the current situation and the potential crisis that is ahead of us. Here are just a few:

1) National Geographic Magazine; 7 Things to Know about Climate Change (and Everything Else), We're on the Side of Facts: Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief, March 2017. What are the 7 Things?

a. The world average temperature is up 1.7 degrees since 1908. (this leads to Global Alpine ice melting)

b. These changes are because of us. Carbon dioxide emissions are up 33% since 1960

c. 9 out of 10 climate scientists agree the climate is changing

d. The ice in the North and South Poles is melting fast. And, as the ice disappears there is more ocean to absorb the sun light thereby raising water temperatures and helping accelerate the ice melting. And, as water levels rise they brush up against the ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica, which hold enough ice to raise sea levels 200 feet.

e. Global weather natural disasters have tripled since 1980

f. Species are being disrupted – extinctions come next

g. We can do something to slow or try to reverse this. Such as alternative energy sources and renewable energy such as solar and wind power. This means switching from fossil fuels.

2) CNN; Sixth Mass Extinction: The Era of Biological Annihilation: John D. Sutter, 7/11/2017. The Earth is entering its sixth mass extinction event in its history as a planet. And, ¾ of all species inhabiting the Earth could disappear in the coming centuries. There is an ecological crisis due to climate change.

3) CBS News; Questions Abound after an Iceberg Breaks Away from Antarctica: Debra Patta, 7/12/2017. This article focuses on an iceberg the size of Delaware, 2,200 square miles, and on the impending climate changes. What does this mean and what can we expect going forward?

The Earth has an ability to change its environment and weather. It has a consciousness similar to a tree or plant. It is well known through scientific experiments that trees and plants can feel threats surrounding it. And, that they can give off a signal or communication to other trees and plants. I believe this is instinctive rather than a higher thought process. Nevertheless, what sort of feeling or protective instincts does the Earth have as it shares its environment with humans?

When you consider our waste, pollution, CO2 exhaust, nuclear bombs, oil drilling, depletion of the ozone, deforestation, ocean dumping, repetitive wars, noise, anger, hate, it is quite a lot this planet is being subjected to. We cannot blame Mother Nature for trying to free itself from the harsh grip of our civilization. This reminds me of what Keanu Reeves said in the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, "Eliminate man and the Earth survives, if man survives then both die".

At what point do we make a few hard decisions to change our direction as a country and civilization? The Paris Accord on climate change is at least a step in the right direction. And, I know that participating in this Agreement means we may lose control of some of our decisions regarding our energy resources. This is difficult as POTUS but these same resources we are describing are – fossil fuels. Yes, the exact energy resources that will accelerate the coming climate changes. This is a conundrum but we need to start planning now, right now, before it's too late.

Please rethink our participation in the Paris Climate Accord. Let's try to re-examine fossil fuel regulation in this country and bring emissions down still further. And, let's see what incentives we can create to motivate the automobile industry to fully switch their vehicles to an alternative energy source and away from fossil fuels.

Please consider that decisions you make now may reverberate for decades, if not centuries to come. It can be difficult to think long-term in a world that consistently grades you on short-term results. We understand. Abraham Lincoln made some very unpopular decisions during his time in office but ultimately was revered in history for taking a stand to abolish slavery.

Ignoring the truth and putting these difficult decisions off now will likely burden future generations to come. How will you consider making your mark in history?

Clifford Michaels, Wall Street Advisor & Author of Harnessing Heaven

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