Globalizing Torture: Why The United States Used Other Countries To Torture Detainees (VIDEO)

A new report released Tuesday claims that as many as 54 foreign governments in Europe, Asia and Africa have been secretly involved in global kidnapping, detention and torture of at least 136 people since 9/11 — all on behalf of the United States. The CIA has declined to comment on the report.

The report's author, Open Society Foundation chief legal analyst on national security and counterterrorism Amrit Singh, joined HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Wednesday the implications behind the CIA's outsourcing its "enhanced interrogation activities" to other countries.

"The whole point of secret detention and extraordinary rendition operations was to insulate the CIA from any kind of accountability or review," Singh said.

Singh says "all the dirty work was essentially farmed out" to countries including Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Thailand and Morocco.

HuffPost Foreign Policy correspondent Josh Hersh, former CIA officer Glenn Carle and Human Rights Watch counterterrorism advisor Laura Pitter also joined the conversation.

Watch the full segment below or at HuffPost Live.