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Gloria Bullard Recreates Iconic WWII Times Square Kiss Photograph 67 Years Later (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Nurse Recreates Times Square Kiss Photo 67 Years Later

A nurse who appeared in the iconic Times Square 'kiss' photograph celebrated the 67th anniversary of 'Victory in Japan' Day on Wednesday by reenacting the jubilant lip lock.

Gloria Bullard is not the nurse who was kissed by a sailor in 1945, but she witnessed it. In the background of the photograph, her smiling face can be seen to the left of the couple, directly beneath the "W" of a Walgreens Drugs sign.

wwii kiss

Bullard was a 19-year-old nursing student at the time. In 2010, she recounted what she saw to The New York Times.

“It looked to me like [the nurse being kissed] was trying to keep her skirt down," Bullard told the Times. "I got the impression she was enjoying it. Maybe that was because I was enjoying all the excitement, so I figured she was, too.”

On Wednesday, Bullard returned to Times Square in New York City to commemorate the event. Along with World War II fighter pilot Jerry Yellin, she reenacted the image for Victor Jorgensen, the U.S. Navy photojournalist who took the original image.

gloria bullard

Jorgensen's shot is less famous than Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph of the same kiss, which appeared in Life magazine.

gloria bullard

Bullard doesn't seem to mind that she wasn't the focus of the photograph, though.

“I’m the kind of person who when I’m happy everything is bright and light," she told the Times. "And it was a beautiful, beautiful day.”

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