What Gloria Estefan Has Learned From Her Legendary Music Career

Tip #1: “Find what you love to do."

Cuban-born superstar Gloria Estefan is one of Latin music’s biggest stars, but she rarely considers the magnitude of her countless accomplishments.

In the latest episode of HuffPost’s parent-child interview series Talk To Me, she spoke with her daughter, up-and-coming singer Emily Estefan, about her legendary career. Estefan said she tends to only realize the impact of her decades in the music business right before she gives an important speech. 

“In the rare moments when I’m actually watching one of those videos that they put together before I do a speech, that’s when it really hits me,” she said. “All the stuff we’ve done. It feels very fast, so I can warn you right now, enjoy every second because it goes like a flash.” 

Throughout her impressive career, which has spanned music, television and a Broadway musical based upon her life, the Grammy Award winner has learned some invaluable life lessons. She stressed the importance of finding a passion and dedicating yourself to it, regardless of the plans that others may have for you. 

“Find what you love, what you love to do, because if you work at what you love to do, then it doesn’t feel like work,” she said.

She added that even at the age of 59, she’s still discovering aspects of the business that get her most excited. Now that she’s an established music powerhouse, she said she has the privilege to choose roles and projects she truly enjoys.  

Over the years she’s also fine-tuned her definition of success ― and it has nothing to do with career milestones or a bank account. 

“To me success is having loving and wonderful relationships with family and friends, doing what you love and being able to choose in your life and balance,” she said. With that in mind, Estefan said she hopes to focus more on those relationships now that she’s accomplished so much professionally. 

“My dreams and goals are now to be able to enjoy everything that we’ve worked so hard to achieve, to spend less time working,” she said. 

Hear more from Gloria and Emily Estefan in the video above. 



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