Gloria Estefan's Mother Is The Rap Sensation You Didn't Know You Needed

#Rapuela in the house! 👵🎤

This grandma's rhythm is gonna get you -- and not just because she happens to be the mother of the legendary Conga queen of the very same name, Gloria Estefan. 

Gloria Fajardo, 87, became an Instagram sensation after Estefan's daughter Emily, who just last year released her own original music, began posting videos of herself beatboxing as her grandmother raps. The grandma's skills caught several news outlet's attention this week, and fans of Fajardo can find several videos of her doing her thing under the #Rapuela hashtag -- which is a Spanish-language portmanteau for "rap grandma." 

In most of her videos, Rapuela wears slick aviator shades like these: 

I am forever inspired by the one and only. ⭐️😍⭐️

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While she usually raps in Spanish, there's no doubt her spirit and energy needs no translation. Like when she rapped about being sad her granddaughter had to go back to college.

Or when Rapuela was in the hospital but felt better and thanked everyone for their prayers.

Or when she recently warned everyone not to drink too much on St. Patrick's day because they might get dehydrated. 

Even Emilio Estefan himself gets a kick out of Rapuela's rapping skills, often making cameos in her videos.  

Deleted scenes and outtakes from the adventures of #Rapuela ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😍😍😍🙋👽👌

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Overtimeeeeeeee😂😂😂❤️ #Rapuela special guests #Dad @nataliadelaguardia @violet_in_chains #Elvira

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And her granddaughter, Emily, helped ring in Rapuela's 87th birthday on Tuesday with this supercut of bloopers from her greatest clips. 

Rapuela in the house! #Word 👵🎤 

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