How This Former Teen Mom Got Past Feeling Like She Had To 'Over-Parent'

As if facing motherhood as a teenager isn't challenging enough, countless young women must also battle the stereotype that they're unable to effectively parent their children. After having her own child as a teen, Gloria Malone was not immune to such stigma.

Today, Malone lives in New York City with her daughter, runs the blog TeenMomNYC and speaks out for young women like herself. She has forged a positive path for her and her daughter, as well as maintained a healthy self-image through it all. She joined HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd to discuss her success despite the judgmental voices of others.

"One thing that a lot of people don't know is that teen moms have the highest rate of postpartum depression because of all the negative things we are told when we are pregnant and parenting," said Malone. "So honestly, if I would have listened to those voices, I would probably be a lot more depressed than I am now. One thing I experienced also was feeling like I had to over-parent and be the perfect person to show everyone that not only am I a good person -- because the narrative is that only certain types of teen girls get pregnant -- but also that I am a great mom."