Gloria Steinem Is A Member Of The Beyhive

Slay recognize slay.
Gloria Steinem: Feminist icon, Beyoncé fan.
Gloria Steinem: Feminist icon, Beyoncé fan.

It seems Gloria Steinem was just as blown away by Beyoncé's "Formation" video as the rest of us. 

Queen Bey dropped the highly political surprise single in February, accompanied by a stunning video that referenced Hurricane Katrina, the #BlackLivesMatter movement and black LGBT culture. In a piece for The Guardian published on March 19, Steinem wrote that she thought both the song and video were "extraordinary." 

"I find it extraordinary that Beyoncé... managed to accumulate so many profoundly different kinds of images," Steinem wrote.

"She didn’t only use sensuous images, or those of poverty, or high fashion. Putting them all into one song was unifying, healing. And so was admitting, not trying to conceal, the painful."

Amen, Gloria. Glad to know you're on board with Queen Bey. 

And If you haven't already today, bask in the glory of "Formation" again: 



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