Glorious Tumblr Provides The Nudes Of Art History With The Vibrators They've Long Desired

Good, good, good, good vibrations.

Posing nude as the subject of an iconic artwork has its ups and downs.

On the upside, your voluptuous bod will be immortalized and exhibited for all to see. For centuries, a depiction of your unclothed physique will travel the world, hang in the most renowned institutions, sell at auctions for millions of dollars. On the downside though, you probably have to pose naked for a really, really long time. Are there snacks? Bathroom breaks? Free, private moments to engage in some sweet self-service?

That's where Magic Wand Art History comes in. The noble Tumblr account generously provides the subjects of art history's most iconic works with a little something something to pass the time. Turns out the one thing a Pre-Raphaelite maiden, a lounging Venus, an "American Gothic" wife-type and the original man, Adam himself, have in common is the urge to rub one out. 

The subjects of art history, they're just like us! 

In honor of the almighty invention that is the Hitachi Magic Wand, we humbly present a Tumblr tour through art history's most unabashed masturbators. You go, ladies ... and gentlemen, and baby cupids, and Virgin Mary and God. 

Visit the Tumblr for more vibin' artworks and, while you're there, suggest an artwork you think would benefit from a little battery powered loving. 

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