Making 'Glory Bowls' For Breakfast Will Earn You Mad Likes On Instagram

You don't need #nofilter when your breakfast is this beautiful.

Does food taste better when it's visually appealing? There is no evidence.

Does food earn more "Likes" on Instagram when it's visually appealing? There is no doubt.

The so-called "glory bowl," can be a true visual treasure when crafted with care. The beautiful breakfast, which is typically made from fruit, chia seeds, non-dairy milk, nuts and yogurt or a different smoothie base, is incredibly customizable. It can be savory, complete with tart yogurt, blended kale and nuts. Or it can be sweet as pie, relying on the electrifying colors of fruit and seeds to make any hungry breakfast-seeker stop in her tracks. The two most important things about a glory bowl are that your taste buds enjoy it and that it looks like a glorious (get it now?) work of art.

Here are some individual case studies and guidelines in Glory Bowl Art. Follow along closely and you'll be guaranteed to up your Instagram cred. Soon enough, you'll be like the next @KimKardashian, but with fewer butts on your feed.

Create some fruit symmetry.

Make your bowl an edible one.

Find props to showcase the romanticism of your breakfast.

Add a cute, live animal into the frame.

A dog is usually best.

Let the beauty and texture of each ingredient shine on its own.

Mimic the pattern of your favorite tapestry (your followers will love it!).

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But when everyone's going for symmetry, do your avant garde thing.

Add. Chocolate.

When there's an edible flower around, you'd better add it to your bowl.

Allow your bowl to overflow for a close-up.

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Choose vibrant, contrasting colors.

Visualize the intricacies of a kaleidoscope when making your masterpiece.

Remember: A little color can go a long way.

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