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Glossier's Boy Brow Has A New Best Friend. Meet Brow Flick.

Just like your best friends back you up, Brow Flick makes Boy Brow better.

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Let me start by saying that Glossier Boy Brow is my go-to brow product. All it takes is a little upward brushing, and boom! you’ve got instant eyebrows.

Long gone are my days of drawing on my eyebrows in the morning. So on those rare occasions I decide to put in the extra effort with a brow pencil, I find myself out of practice and struggling to get brows that are bold without being too dramatic.

To help, Glossier just launched Brow Flick, the best friend of grooming pomade Boy Brow. Brow Flick is a microfine eyebrow detailing pen that fills in brows with thin, sheer strokes for a natural look. It comes in three shades — blond, brown and black — and can be used to define arches and fill sparse areas with small “hair-like” lines that can be built up for a bolder look.

Brow Flick comes in a sleek travel-friendly tube that retails for $18 (only $2 more than Boy Brow). These two brow products are better together and can be paired to create a full and fluffy brow free of bald spots or sparse patches.

Just like your best friends back you up, Brow Flick makes Boy Brow better. When these BFFs work together, they can build your best brow yet.