Glossier Play: Everything You Need To Know About Glossier's New Brand

Welcome four new products to the Glossier family 🍼

Glossier changed the beauty world five years ago with their skin-first, makeup second mantra. Now they’re taking us on a brand new retro-inspired rollercoaster ride full of nostalgia (and lots and lots of glitter).

Glossier Play is the brand’s newest cosmetics collection, and it’s a playground of possibilities. What sets Glossier Play apart from Glossier’s classic collection is the mixing of vibrant colors and bold textures to put the fun back in doing your makeup.

The new makeup line features four breakout products and two new makeup tools. “Colorslide” is a gel eyeliner pencil in sixteen shades; “Nightshine” is a buildable highlighter concentrate in four radiating shades; “Vinylic Lip” is a high shine lacquer click-pen in six stunning shades; and “Glitter Gelée” is a glitter gel in four holographic hues. The tools include the “Blade” and “The Detailer”.

The products all ring up under $20, so you can shop them individually, mix and match, or get one of each with your very own “Playground” for $60.

Want more? Explore all of the new Glossier Products below:

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“With this new brand, we’re inviting everyone to continue to choose their own beauty adventure...only now with even more places to go.”

Colorslide is a long-lasting gel eyeliner pencil that promises no smudging for 8 to 12 hours in fourteen fabulous matte and metallic shades. These “technogel eye pencils” are highly pigmented and true to the exterior color of the pencil, so what you see is what you get. With brilliant names like “Cash Salad,” a metallic green-gold; “Earl Girl,” an eggshell blue; and “Candyland” a metallic sherbet pink, they’re just a few of the fantastical liners you can purchase for $15. You can use them with one of Glossier Play’s two new tools — the sharpener “Blade” that catches pencil shavings and comes with its own cleaning tool for $4.

It goes without saying that glow is kind of Glossier’s thing, so no new makeup collection would be complete without a highlighter. If you never leave the house without a few swipes of Haloscope, Niteshine will be your go-to for going out. Nightshine is a buildable highlighter concentrate made with refined pearl powder to create an illuminating glow in four radiating shades. A doe-foot applicator offers seamless strobing across cheekbones, eyelids or anywhere you want to shine. Choose from iridescent colors like “Platinum Rose” and “Molten Umber” at $20 a bottle.

While Generation G is basically a “your lips but better” tinted lip balm, Glossier Play’s throwback aesthetic follows through with the Vinylic Lip. A high shine lacquer click-pen that glides on lips without sticking or staining, it comes in six stunning shades. The cushiony formula provides full-volume color for your pout, without skipping a beat. You can select from slay-worthy shades like “Baby” — a bright red — and “Pony” — a dark taupe — for $16 a shade.

If you weren’t sure if the ’90s were back in full swing, this newest addition to the Glossier family confirms it. Glitter Gelée is a paillette glitter gel that sticks to eyelids for hours in four holographic hues. Pick from distinct disco-worthy shimmers like “Bijoux Bijoux,” a gunmetal gray, or “Firewalk,” a copper rose color, for $14 a pot. They even made a $6 applicator — the “Detailer” — for precision glitter application.