Glow and Go, The Next Big Trend in Skincare!

Glow and Go, The Next Big Trend in Skincare!
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The next big wave in skincare is cutting edge and fast! Look radiant with real results in under an hour!

If you are like me, life can get in the way of visits to the dermatologist or aesthetician. Now, thanks to a new concept called Skin X Five, you can get cutting edge, effective skin care that is quick and easy! Developed by celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Ava Shamban, Skin X Five has a simple menu with five signature treatments broken down by the patient's needs! It's like a blow dry bar but for you skin! See what is a great fit for your skin and that's it! In no time at all you can leave with that red carpet glow.

Here are the five treatments they offer:

1. The Refresher- A light peel to help you "get your glow on" The Refresher takes only 20 minutes! Best results can be seen around four days after the treatment!
2.The Infuser- The Infuser is an infusing microdermabrasion facial. It's perfect if you have been getting too much sun or keeping late hours. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes and you will see results right away!
3.The Lineless- The Lineless is for crow's feet and other lines caused by facial expressions. It only takes about 20 minutes and five days later the lines are softened helping you to look more relaxed!
4.The Spotless- Brown spots, hyperpigmentation, ruddiness or fine lines? The Spotless is for you! This treatment helps with a variety of issues in a 20 minute session! There is also no downtime and the skin looks even better over time.
5.The Firminator- The Firminator is just like it sounds. Tightening for the skin, especially around the face, jowls and neck. The Firminator uses radiofrequency to help firm the skin. The more treatments you do, the tighter the skin will appear. Typical treatment time is only 20 minutes!

Feel like you need an afternoon of rejuvenation? Skin X Five offers packages with four treatments the complement each other! All in only 90 minutes!
Now you can have access to the most advanced skin care in a flash!

Skin X Five is located in Pacific Palisades, California.


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