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This Glow In The Dark Ice Cream Was Inspired By A Rave

Light up your night (and maybe your insides, too).

In Melbourne, Australia, a pop-up parlor is serving up vibrant scoops of glow in the dark ice creams that are dairy free and vegan.

glow in the dark ice cream

196 Below sells liquid nitrogen ice cream; their Neon Nitro Ice Cream is most exciting because it can be eaten at a rave, on an unlit street in the evening or underground in a dark cave.

The luminous ice cream comes in three flavors: Redskin (raspberry), pine-lime and mango passion fruit. A UV-reactive liquid food coloring, which has been certified by the TGA, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, is what provides the treat with its glow. It sells for $8.50 a serving and, despite its power plant vibe, is free of preservatives.

Steve Felice, 196 Below's co-owner, came up with idea, inspired by his adolescent days as a raver. "I used to be a dance party child in the 1990s and early 2000s and I used to make party clothes out of neon material," he told the Daily Mail. Groovy!

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