Glow-in-the-dark Ice Cream and the Future of Sweets

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I discovered this bioluminescent edible a few months ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to share. With everyone looking into the bright new year for trends and exciting things to try, I introduce your biggest craving of 2014 -- glow in the dark ice cream. You heard right this ice cream glows in the freak'n dark, beat that (every other ice cream company.)

Charlie Francis is the founder of the best named ice cream in the world, "Lick me I'm Delicious." Could the molecular gastronomy trend be revitalized through the form of Francis's scientific desserts? I sure hope so. With inventions like, The Portable Nitro-Ice Cream Parlor, Gramophone Ice Cream Pottery and Fire Extinguisher Ice Cream, it is no surprise that a glow in the dark variety has come out of this Wonka-esque factory. Liquid nitrogen ice cram is a trend that Francis has mastered and quite frankly turned into a soon to be mainstream phenomenon. He is even said to be working on an invisible ice cream -- because why not. All of Francis's inventions seem to have superhero characteristics, literally.

The Portable Nitro-Ice Cream Parlor

Ok, back to the glow in the dark stuff. Francis sourced a jellyfish protein supplier and harnessed the luring glow of jellyfish bioluminescence to add to his ice cream recipe -- no big deal. At $225 a scoop this psychedelic dessert is four-times the price of gold -- worth it! They are still testing on how ingesting the bioluminescent protein affects the human body -- who knows maybe eating this ice cream will actually give you superhuman powers. Francis reassured everyone by saying, " I tried some and don't seen to be glowing anywhere" -- thanks Charlie. I think that what Charlie has stumbled upon is not just limited to ice cream. Could this be the future of sweets as we know it? Who is to stop companies from creating glow in the dark lollipops, cakes, and cotton candy? Well you heard it here first, so if Jean-Georges's famous molten chocolate cake breaks open with a glowing center, you'll know where it came from. (winky face)

The Portable Nitro-Ice Cream Buggy

Charlie Francis is bringing excitement back to the world of sweets. Whimsy, innovation and tapping into our nostalgia is what makes his science of sweets an art. I'm looking forward to see what other experiments will emerge from laboratory of Lick me I'm Delicious, and how this glowing new ingredient will be utilized in food.

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