Glow-In-The-Dark Ice Cream Can Be Yours For $225

Tired of getting ice cream all over yourself when you eat it in the dark? Worry no more! Charlie Francis, founder of Lick Me Delicious ice cream in the U.K., has created glow-in-the-dark ice cream for all your sugar and night vision needs.

Francis's creation starts to glow upon the tongue's contact with the treat. The trick? He makes it with the fluorescent proteins found in jellyfish. The proteins interact with the tongue's pH levels so the ice cream increases its luminescence the more it is licked.

And jellyfish proteins don't come cheap -- a single scoop costs about $225.

But is it safe? "Well I tried some and I don't seem to be glowing anywhere, so we'll go with a yes for now," Francis writes on his blog.

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