Gluten-Free Eaters Tweet: #WhatIMissAboutGluten

According to the latest research, 1 percent of Americans suffer from celiac disease, with up to 10 percent suffering from non-celiac gluten intolerance . With so many people eating diets free of the wheat protein, HuffPost Healthy Living wanted to know: what do you miss most from pre-gluten days?

In a recent article about gluten-free diets and non-celiac gluten intolerance, HuffPost commenter omg wtf lol bbq wrote:

I've been a diagnosed Celiac for 3 years. I miss regular beer, regular hamburger buns, the Kamikaze Burger at Red Robin, chinese buffets, and did I mention regular beer?

What about the rest of you? We asked Twitter: And be sure to include your own #WhatIMissAboutGluten below!