Gmail Man Parody Goes Viral (VIDEO)

WATCH: Microsoft Mocks Gmail In Viral Parody Video

If you didn't already know that Google snoops through the emails you send from your Gmail account, one company seems to have taken extreme measures to let you know.

ZDNet first shared the parody video -- reportedly previewed at Microsoft's recent annual sales conference -- that takes some not-so-subtle shots at the questionable privacy of Gmail, in hopes of luring customers into buying Office 365.

So far, there's been no official confirmation that Microsoft produced the video, but the Internet appears to have made up its mind already and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley seems convinced it's "the real deal."

The tag-line for the video is: "Your email is your business. Google makes it theirs."

(Scroll down to watch.)

The video the begins by explaining the following scene is the opposite experience users will receive from using Office 365. Enter the Gmail Man, the real life embodiment of Google, strolling the streets looking through emails for key-words like "volcano", "zucchini" and "lava."

When confronted by an outraged little girl, demanding to know how he can read through everyone's mail, he explains, "Well, sometimes when a person really loves their Gmail very, very much, the two get together and an ad is born."

"You can't do that," the little girl cry cries, only to be told that of course he can, he's the Gmail Man.

The video then follows Gmail Man to an office where he embarrasses a woman by telling her to get up. Gmail Man explains he's been scanning her email for keywords like "burning and sensation," and produces an ad for a cream that clear up her problems.

But since Google's keyword scanning isn't even all that accurate, those words Gmail Man found have been taken completely out of context. The woman explains she doesn't need the cream since she was talking about burning a lasagna that her husband found sensational.

The kicker, the woman tells Gmail Man what he's doing is wrong, to which he responds "who cares?"

This video isn't the first time Microsoft has gone after Google for allegedly violating privacy. Last year Microsoft produced a video claiming that "Google Chrome steals your privacy" to help promote Internet Explorer 8.

And Google has taken its own shots at Microsoft.

In February, Google accused Microsoft of copying Google's search results with their own search engine, Bing. And no doubt the relationship between the companies soured after Google's 2010 announcement they were ditching the Windows operating system, following hacking attacks in China.

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