Google's 'Send A Call From Santa' Feature Lets Users Deliver Holiday Messages To And From St. Nick

The holidays are right around the corner, and, yes, the children are getting a bit antsy. Luckily, the Web is filled with all sorts of Santa-themed entertainment to keep their excitement at bay for at least one more week.

But one Google application allows users to send children, friends or significant others personalized messages from ol' St. Nick himself.

Through, users can answer a few questions, including the recipient's name, location, nickname and preferred gift, and the system will call the given number with a cheery message free of charge, according to the Google blog.

However, the application cannot identify uncommon or unusual spellings of names.

If the system doesn't recognize a sender's or recipient's name, it prompts users with a message that states "Sometimes Santa doesn't know how to say a name. Help him out by choosing how he should refer to you." Users can then choose a similar pronunciation from a drop down menu (for example, Emmalee is pronounced like Emily), or choose a generic term, such as "little lady" or "stud."

If you're planning on delivering a message to your children, don't send the call from a real number. You don't want "Mom" or "Dad" to pop up on the caller ID when the call is supposed to be from Santa. If you want to be creative, the area code for North Pole, Alaska is 907; enter a series of random numbers afterward, and the call will come through.

Not celebrating Christmas? No worries. Santa can still wish recipients a happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, holidays or New Year.

If the kiddies are too impatient to wait for a call, they can reach Santa's answering machine at 855-34-SANTA, and leave him a message. Don't expect on hearing back, though. Rumor has it that Santa gets a wee bit busy this time of year.

(Via LifeHacker)