Gmail Tips: 9 Easy Tricks And Tools To Keep Your Inbox Under Control

9 Must-See Gmail Tips To Tame Your Inbox

Earlier this week, Gmail posted a few tips for "powering through hundreds of messages." They're helpful for sure, but we wanted to share some of our other favorites that help us deal with the endless flood.

While Gmail's Priority Inbox is surprisingly good at figuring out what's important, we recommend setting up a few quick filters, labels and tools of your own for even more control. It might take a bit more time, but these 9 tips will help you whip your inbox into shape, stay organized and cut down on email clutter.

If we missed any of your favorites, share them in the comments below, or upload them using the "Add a Slide" tool!

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Get Organized With Labels

Gmail Tips: 9 Tricks For Keeping Your Inbox Under Control

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