Gmail's Hidden Talents: 21 Tips, Tricks And Tools You Need To Know

21 Quick-And-Dirty Gmail Tricks You Need To Know

Facebook recently launched the "next generation" of messaging, which will give each Facebook user the option of obtaining her own email address.

Although Facebook's new-and-improved Messages service has unofficially been called a "Gmail killer," its launch doesn't mean "traditional" email is dead. Far from it.

Gmail users have access to numerous helpful tools that can improve organization and efficiency, and Google is regularly adding more to its roster.

We've picked some of the top tips for optimizing your Gmail experience. Some may come as surprise, others you may already know and love, but all meant to save you time and lend a hand with your inbox (There are lots more Gmail extras for you to discover in Gmail Labs).

Know of other Gmail tricks you'd like to share with us? Let us know in the comments or add your tip to our list using the "Add A Slide" button. To see how you can improve your Google searches, take a look through our slideshow of handy Google search tips.

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Gmail's Hidden Talents(CLONED)(CLONED)

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