GMO Labels Can Actually 'Lessen Consumer Choice,' Journalist Says (VIDEO)

Would labels that identify genetically modified organisms be a detriment to foods that are just as safe as other products?

Scientific American's Michael Moyer thinks so. He explained his position during a conversation with HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski about the debate surrounding GMO labels. Moyer said the consumer's right to know what they're buying is the biggest argument in support of labels, but he feels they could ultimately have a negative effect on shoppers.

"What we've seen in Europe has shown that measures such as required labeling go on to actually lessen consumer choice," Moyer said. "They become a de facto warning label for people, saying, 'Watch out, there's something different and wrong here, and you would be best to avoid this,' which is, I think, really what a lot of the pro-labeling people would like."

It seems the voters of Washington agree with Moyer. An initiative to require GMO labeling likely failed in the state on Tuesday, but many mail-in ballots remain uncounted. If it does pass, Washington will become the first state in the country to make such a requirement.

Catch the full conversation about GMO labels at HuffPost Live HERE.



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