GMOs and the Right to Know: We've Already Got It!

GMOs and the Right to Know: We've Already Got It!
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I completely support and admire the efforts of everyone around the country (and world) fighting the good fight and attempting to work through our government to give us the Right to Know about GMOs.

But for the average consumer who just wants to keep GMOs out of his or her family's bodies, there already is a label that guarantees a product is GMO free: The USDA Certified-Organic label!

It may not be perfect. It may not be sexy. But it's true, and it's a battle we ALREADY WON. Remember, certification is a battle that took decades to win, so let's please not walk away from it, diminish it, or forget what it stands for.

To be certain your choices are genetically engineered free, all you need to remember is: USDA Certified Organic = NO GMOs!

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