GM's Dark Ages Approach to Global Warming

General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz recently called global warming a "total crock of s--t." So much for intelligent leadership, but thanks for giving America a clear explanation of why your company is struggling with daily layoffs and market share implosion. Why does GM keep someone around who's still stuck in the dark ages while everyone else -- including its competition -- has woken up to the threat of global warming and its impact on their customers?

Lutz stands by the remark despite widespread criticism, but says it's not about what he thinks, it's about what the company is doing. Well let's reflect for a second on how GM is doing under the likes of his pig brain leadership. Not too well. If you're the guy who makes the same old inefficient product, and everyone is lining up for the competition's cutting edge technology, then wouldn't you want to improve as quickly as possible? Apple didn't keep making first generation iPods, they continuously improved to stay competitive and keep their customers happy. It is exactly the kind of arrogance displayed by Lutz that has practically sunk his company, which continues outsourcing its once proud factories and American jobs, and still can't remain competitive against Toyota and others.

How embarrassing for the Board of Directors and shareholders that the company's product development "leader" is so far behind the science, public opinion and the competition's pace in developing the next generation of efficient vehicles. Can someone explain why GM keeps this guy around? If your head is stuck in cement, how is that going to inspire anybody?

Maybe it's time for a change. It's hard to imagine this is what's best for GM and it's definitely not what's best for America.