Woman Tells Workers To 'Go Back To China’... While Ordering Chinese Food

"No employee who works so hard for so little money deserves this," one witness wrote.

Video of a white woman telling Asian grocery store employees to “Go back to China” while she contemplates ordering Chinese food is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of those who’ve seen it.

The footage from a Foodymart in Toronto showed the unidentified customer berating workers on Friday, claiming “none of these people speak English,” though clearly, some of them did.

“Go back to China. This is Canada, English-first country,” the woman yells before insisting, “If you’re gonna work here, it is the law to know English.” (That claim is also not true.)

Another woman in the video can be seen trying to defuse the tense situation by attempting to help the angry customer.

Toronto teen Frank Hong filmed the encounter and posted it on Facebook, where it had been viewed more than 941,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon.

Hong said he posted the video to show that Canada isn’t “safe from these disgusting attitudes and behaviours.”

“It makes me nothing but seething mad that this lady had the audacity to spew such toxic words while exploiting POC cultures. Absolutely Horrendous,” he wrote on Facebook.

Hong only captured 84 seconds of the woman’s xenophobic rant, but said he listened to her for three minutes and tried to intervene before deciding to film her.

Both customers and employees were shocked by the tirade, Hong said. “No employee who works so hard for so little money deserves this and no human being in the world deserves this,” he told the Daily Mail.

Grocery store employees told CTV News Toronto on Sunday that the woman yelled at them for 15-20 minutes before leaving the store without buying anything.

Although the video is receiving international attention, Toronto police told CTV News Toronto that they aren’t investigating the encounter as a hate-related incident and said that no official complaint had been filed.

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