Go Bananas Amusement Park Reopens After 3-Year-Old's Roller Coaster Death

Less than a week after the death of three-year-old Jayson Dansby at an amusement park in the Chicago suburbs, that park is reopening for business.

Go Bananas, in Norridge, just adjacent to the city, opened again at noon Friday, after passing state inspection, WGN-TV is reporting.

Jayson was riding near the front of the Python Pit roller coaster last Saturday night when he slid underneath the ride's safety bar, was struck, and fell several feet to his death. His family was at the park for a night out, and he was reportedly on the ride with his twin brother.

The park issued a press release Thursday on the matter. "The employees and owners of Go Bananas, located at 4516 N. Harlem Avenue in Norridge, extend our sincere condolences to the family of Jayson Dansby," the release read. But it also pointed out that "[n]o public official has found any incident of human error or mechanical failure connected with this matter."

All of the park was available to riders Friday, ABC reports -- except for the Python Pit, which has been partially dismantled and is blocked off to the public.

NBC Chicago reported earlier in the week that another girl, age 8, was injured on the very same ride three years ago. "I felt real sad for the family and hurt," said Crystal Malone, mother of the girl who broke her wrist on the ride. "That was the same ride my baby was on and it could have been her."