Go Daddy Ads To Air During Olympics Still Sizzle (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Naked Truth About Go Daddy's New Ad

Reports that Go Daddy was stripping the strip-tease from its ads were barely true, as it turns out. The domain-naming and web-hosting site's new commercial, which will premiere during the Olympics, still shows lots of eye candy, but with added tech support from a busy nerd named Karl.

In the first of a three-spot series provided to The Huffington Post, a model in a gold-medal-colored romper is featured alongside the balding and chubby Karl. "Charlene" attracts customers to GoDaddy, the voiceover says. But it's Karl, shown tinkering with cables to build the servers, who keeps them coming back.

Go Daddy earned a naughty reputation with Super Bowl ads that featured models and celebrities such as Danica Patrick peeling clothing. They gave many football fans a reason not to use the bathroom during commercial breaks.

But last month, Go Daddy announced it was farming out its ad-making to Deutsch New York for a campaign that would emphasize the site's function over, um, form.

Did anyone really think the company would completely abandon cleavage?

"I felt it would be disingenuous not to acknowledge our past and do it in a tongue-in-cheek way, but really point to the future," Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman told HuffPost on Monday.

The next two Go Daddy spots are titled "Berries" and "Bubble Bath" and will also debut during NBC's broadcast of the Olympics.

But before watching the first entry, called "Otter" (above), ad-industry observers might want to ask: What's with the Madison Avenue trend of employing marine mammals as boy toys for hotties?

First we had the woman smooching a walrus in the Skittles "Deceive The Rainbow" spot. Now we have GoDaddy's Charlene petting an otter. Are pinnipeds the new "it" species group?

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