GoDaddy Bar Refaeli Super Bowl Commercial: Nerd Scores Open-Mouthed Kiss With Supermodel (VIDEO)

WATCH: Super Model Makes Out With Nerd In Go Daddy Ad

Ready for some goddess-on-geek action during the Super Bowl?

GoDaddy's newly released commercial features some seriously awkward face-sucking at a serious price. The going rate for 30 seconds of Super Bowl advertising is a cool $4 million, and GoDaddy just broke its piggy bank to focus on Bar Refaeli kissing a nerd named Walter.

Good for Walter (actor Jesse Heiman). But good for us?

The spot will air in the first quarter. Viewers might want to put down the dip when the ad comes on -- or they might just lose it. The lip-smacking, tongue tango distracts to the point that viewers might forget that race car babe Danica Patrick hosts the commercial.

"There are two sides to GoDaddy," the NASCAR driver says. "There's the sexy side represented by Bar Refaeli. And the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. Together, they're perfect."

Refaeli, the Israeli supermodel who used to date Leonardo DiCaprio, had to work for her money with "Walter." AdWeek reports it took 45 takes to nail the kiss. Heiman reportedly told GoDaddy he had won "the championship of men."

GoDaddy also claimed to AdWeek that CBS, which will air the big game at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, rejected previous cuts of the ad because they were "too indecent." (Kind of makes PornHub's publicity stunt to unsuccessfully enter a cuddly commercial seem almost legit now, doesn't it?)

For her part, Refaeli said in an earlier press release, “I feel like the ‘Perfect Match’ commercial is a chance to be in an iconic Super Bowl spot that not only leaves people talking, but shows everyone what Go Daddy is really about."

GoDaddy, a perennial purveyor of Super Bowl cheesecake, accelerated its "smart meets sexy" campaign during the Olympics and then took a turn for the positively chaste in its GoDaddy.CO companion Super Bowl commercial, which was introduced last week and will air at the fourth quarter's two-minute warning.

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