Go Daddy Commercials May No Longer Feature Scantily Clad Celebrities

Go Daddy, the domain registry famous for its PG-rated stripteasing in Super Bowl commercials, is apparently getting out of the naked game.

The company announced Wednesday that it is launching a new ad campaign created by ad agency Deutsch to air during NBC's Olympics broadcast. It's called "Inside/Out."

The kicker: The brand may get rid of its ads' famed strategic nudity. Go Daddy became well-known for its frat-house style marketing, which in the past used scantily clad celebrities such as race-car driver Danica Patrick, trainer Jillian Michaels and Colombian model Natalia Velez (shown below in one of Go Daddy's 2012 Super Bowl entries) to lure viewers to the website for more skin.

"Now that people know who we are, they should know what we do," spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll told The Huffington Post Wednesday.

Driscoll hinted that while the ads will call more attention to Go Daddy's capabilities, the new strategy won't be an abrupt shift. "We make a little fun of ourselves," she said.

Go Daddy has not solidified plans for the next Super Bowl under Deutsch's leadership, but Driscoll said she would be surprised if the company didn't get in the game.

The new ads begin shooting next week.

Val DiFebo, Deutsch NY CEO, said in a press release: “We see this as a tremendous opportunity to take Go Daddy, one of the most recognizable Super Bowl advertiser brands, or Internet brands for that matter, and make it relevant for what it does. Go Daddy has a phenomenal growth story and delivers a brand of service unlike any of its competitors. Our challenge is to tell that story in a way that is still fun and edgy, but showcases more of Go Daddy's specific offerings.”