Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Passes On Stripping, Semi-Nudity (VIDEO)

WATCH: New Go Daddy Ad Is A Surprise, But Not For The Usual Reasons

A commercial in which everyone keeps their clothes on doesn't usually cause a stir. But when the advertiser is Go Daddy, known for its skin-baring Super Bowl spots, it's a game changer.

The domain name registrar released one of its Super Bowl ads to The Huffington Post on Friday morning (watch above). Whether it's refreshing or disappointing -- you make the call.

The premise for the comic 30-second GoDaddy.CO spot focuses on couples around the world talking about their grand Internet business plans. Each of the would-be entrepreneurs believes his idea is so unique that no one else could possibly have thought of it. Of course, every couple is talking about the same idea, and only one strikes it rich by being the first to register his idea with GoDaddy. (Bonus points for spotting Go Daddy ad regular Danica Patrick's cameo.)

GoDaddy teamed with the .CO domain for the third straight Super Bowl to motivate entrepreneurs to buy a .CO with Go Daddy.

"We’re going to inspire people to seize the moment -- to actually launch their big ideas online!” said .CO CEO Juan Diego Calle in an earlier press release.

Go Daddy declared before the Olympics it would cut back on the semi-nudity its advertisements have become infamous for, and it appears the company has finally fulfilled its promise. The domain registry built its brand in part on strip-tease marketing that used scantily clad celebrities and models. (See one of its 2012 Super Bowl ads below.)

While the company has backpedalled some of its more overt sexist advertising tendencies, it isn't giving up its old ways altogether: Not a single female numbers among the the ad's would-be entrepreneurs. Apparently Go Daddy didn't think this was the year to appeal to female business owners. Maybe next Super Bowl?

"YourBigIdea.CO," one of two Go Daddy ads slated to air during the Super Bowl, is scheduled to run during the two-minute warning in the game's fourth quarter.

What do you think? Time to go to the bathroom or stay glued to the tube?

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