Go, Dog, Go: Next Vacation, Bring Your Pup

Like Steinbeck's poodle, Charley, many animals know that a trip is
in the offing "long before the suitcases come out." We assume that your
rescued, neutered buddy already wears a sustainably made collar, snoozes on an eco-friendly bed, and produces poop that gets scooped into biodegradable bags. When it comes time to hit the road with your furry companion, consider packing these green, portable accessories as well.

The bendy, BPA-free Packabowls from Polkadog Bakery
come in cheerful colors and can be compressed to cram in your pack.
They are sold with no packaging and can be sent back to be recycled
when their days as a doggie bowl are done. $18

Make your adventure-loving pup carry its share with this Dog Pack by Mountainsmith.
Made mostly of recycled plastic, it has adjustable straps and plenty of
storage compartments. It's available in sizes for dogs weighing 20 to
110 pounds. $45 to $55

The OrbeeBall, the signature toy by Planet Dog,
is one of the sturdiest canine playthings we've seen -- and it's
recyclable. It also smells like mint and is U.S.-made, nontoxic, and
offered in various colors and three sizes ($7, $12, and $14.45).
The company uses leftover manufacturing materials to make its aptly
named RecycleBall ($12).

Call it the canine Clif Bar. Veggie-Hide, by Onesta Organics,
is a meatless, wafer-thin snack made with all-organic
ingredients, including spinach, flax, and quinoa, that are GMO-free and
fit for humans. The company also makes vegan treats for rabbits,
rodents, and birds. $9 per 6-oz. pack

Snoozer's earthy-looking Eco Friendly Pet Tote
is made with jute fibers, and thus is biodegradable and recyclable. It
holds a critter weighing up to 12 pounds, is carry-on approved for air
travel, and has ample padding and pockets. The top and two sides are
made of see-through mesh, allowing your pet -- and you -- to breathe
easier. $60 

To see irresistible close-ups of the dogs pictured above, all of whom were rescued, click here.