Go Go Amy, Burlesque Performer, Sets Off Smoke Alarms With Burning Nipple Tassels

It's the goal of a burlesque dancer to get the audience hot and bothered, but one pastie-wearing performer succeeded in ways she never expected -- by setting off smoke alarms.

The performer, Go Go Amy, recently did a show at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, with her troupe, The Pretty Things PeepShow.

Go Go Amy's act climaxed with a fire dance that included her lighting up her nipple tassels.

After she was done performing, the smoke from the flaming nipple tassels lingered in the air and set off the building's alarms, forcing hundreds of customers to be evacuated, according to the Metro.

"I usually look for smoke alarms above the stage," she told The Huffington Post. "I didn't see there was one behind me."

Ky Thomasson-Kay blames the alarming incident to miscommunication.

“They weren’t meant to use fire in the act but I think they just completely forgot," he said according to the Daily Record. “When the fire alarm went off everybody had to go outside. Everybody was wondering what happened and when the news trickled through to the crowd, people were having a joke and a smile about it."

Go Go Amy has been playing with fire onstage for five years and has set off her share of alarms in the past.

"Usually, we're at nightclubs so if the alarm goes off, people know what's causing it," she said. "Because we were performing at a school, the alarm immediately went to the local police station.

Firefighters who responded to the alarms quickly figured out what really happened. Head firefighter Blair Fletcher told the Express that the smoke alarms in the building were very sensitive.

Go Go Amy said she made sure to explain the situation to the firefighters herself.

"It's probably the first time a woman in a bikini ran up to a firefighter and said, 'It's my fault. I was eating fire, but I won't do it [again] until I get back to the states,'" she said.



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