Go See 'Go-Go Boy Interrupted' Sketch Show Created By Jimmy Fowlie (VIDEO)

WATCH: What Happens When A Go-Go Boy Ages Out Of His Profession?

Whats happens next after a go-go boy ages out of his profession?

That is the premise of a new sketch show called "Go-Go Boy Interrupted," which follows 30-year-old Danny Carter, played by Jim Fowlie, who has spent the past decade dancing and entertaining at Los Angeles' hottest club. With no "real world skills" garnered from his life as a go-go boy, Carter must discover a way to find his "purpose" and survive within a different lifestyle as he moves on from go-going.

"In college I had worked as a go go boy at this really popular club -- and it was such an interesting world with outrageous characters: larger than life drag queens and 19-year-old party boys," Fowlie told The Huffington Post. "I had actually been a disaster myself and famously broke my arm in a fist fight and and then worked a couple days dancing with my cast on. Anyways -- it just got me thinking -- what happens when the party is over and someone can't leave? Dancing at a club doesn't give you any 'real world skills.' In other words, just like my degree in theater, it is worthless. When gay guys are using their youth and sexuality as currency, what happens when you get 'aged out' of your career?"

The cast for "Go-Go Boy Interrupted" is impressive, including Drew Droege, the comedic genius behind the "Chloe" and "Not Looking" web series.

"Go-Go Boy Interrupted" will take place Monday, June 30 at 8:00 p.m. at The Groundlings. Head here for more information and to purchase tickets.

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