Go 'Halfsies' To Cut Portions, Curb Obesity And Fight World Hunger (VIDEO)

Every year Americans waste 40 percent of food produced in this country. Meanwhile, more than 50 million Americans and 1 billion people worldwide struggle with food insecurity.

But a new non-profit initiative called Halfsies is trying to change that by offering restaurant-goers a choice that provides a healthier portion size, reduces food waste, and supports the fight against hunger.

According to the organization's pamphlet, participating restaurants will have a Halfsies logo on their menus.

Customers who choose to participate will pay the same full price for a meal, but receive half the portion, explains Care2.

The non-profit aims not only to fight world hunger, but also educate consumers on portion sizes, a huge problem that contributes to America's growing obesity epidemic.

"It's a win-win-win. Plus, it is an ongoing choice, not just something available one day or a week out of the year. It is sustainable," Sydney Berry Ling, Co-Founder and Communications Director told

The proceeds will be donated to both local (60 percent) and international non-profits (30 percent) to tackle hunger, notes Wired, with Halfsies taking 10 percent of the donations to cover operating costs.

Halfsies plans to kick off pilot programs in New York City and Austin, Texas, this spring.