Go Local: easy way to find volunteer needs in your community

Go Local: easy way to find volunteer needs in your community
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Okay, you remember the "craigslist for service", AllForGood.org, a platform which makes it easy for people to find volunteer opportunities in their communities.

The widget for doing so is currently at the top right of my home blog, cnewmark.com.

The next step? We're launching the Go Local campaign, inspired by the new Cities of Service effort. The idea is that people will give each other a break when it feels right.

Jonathan Greenblatt writes way more effectively about this in Everything Counts - Growing Up at All for Good:

Can we alone change the world? Hardly. Can we make a difference? Hopefully. But only if we are participating in the service ecosystem. Perhaps stretching the field in new ways but doing so in collaboration with the remarkable nonprofit organizations, impact-driving businesses and dedicated public servants that endeavor to strengthen local communities and support the causes on a daily basis.

To that end, we are proud to partner with the Obama Administration to enable serve.gov. But we know that we need to do more. We need to proceed with humility to augment the ecosystem, not work around it. We need to share our technology with other innovators, not keep it for ourselves. We need to leverage the social graph, not reinvent it, and empower others to help each other.

Based on these requirements, we are proud today to announce the launch of our Go Local campaign . We think Go Local is an innovative way to build upon our belief that everything counts and everyone matters. We want to share our world-class technology and 200,000+ service opportunities with the city halls and local leaders who are doing so much good in their cities and towns across the US.

This is connected to the Cities of Service effort, which is about getting city administrations to move head with serious volunteer efforts.

More on this to come!

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