Watch James Franco Take Off His Shirt And Get Hit In The Face

It's all part of frat life in Franco's latest film, "Goat."

James Franco is a legendary multitasker, and at this point you probably feel like you’ve seen him do everything. 

So this new clip provided exclusively to The Huffington Post is a bit surprising, as we’re sure you’ve yet to have the pleasure of seeing Franco rip off his shirt at a frat party and then get hit in the face.

It’s not from real life, though: This footage is part of the upcoming film “Goat,” about fraternity hazing rituals, but the clip is still undeniably ridiculous. Also, Nick Jonas is there, too.

“Goat” premieres in select theaters and VOD platforms Sept. 23.

The movie follows the hazing system of a college fraternity, depicting what goes wrong when college students inevitably try to one-up past generations of fraternity brothers who were already testing the limitations of boys being boys. Predictably, people get hurt.



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