Goat 'Only Respects One Man,' Refuses To Come Down From Roof

Cops Trumped By Goat Who 'Only Respects One Man'

If only there were a screaming goat version of Bobby Fuller's iconic song, "I Fought The Law."

Police in Gresham, Ore., were defeated last month when their attempts to remove a goat from the roof of a house failed. According to KPTV, a neighbor warned the cops "that goat only respects one man," after which they ceased their efforts.

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goat on roof
This goat has no respect for you. It respects only one man, a local source claims.

Officers were reportedly concerned the goat, named Cocoa, might charge.

The 2-year-old, 35-pound creature was later brought down by its owner, whom the goat is said to hold in high regard.

Gresham cops appear to have had their hands full lately. While their colleagues dealt with the disrespectful goat, police elsewhere in the city traced down a lost parakeet named Josey, who was later found safe and sound and was said to be "hungry for a cracker."

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