Watch Men Rescue Goat Hanging By Its Horns From Power Line

...But how did it get up there?

Cats regularly get stuck up trees, but a goat on a power line?!

That was the surreal sight that greeted a group of guys near the village of Sykourio in central Greece last Wednesday.

Footage posted online shows them rescuing the silly billy, which was dangling from its horns dozens of feet above a steep hill.

They began by pushing a ladder into a nearby tree:

One of the men climbed up, tied a rope to the goat's leg and threw it over to his friend standing further up the hillside.

The rescuer then dragged the goat back to firmer ground.

After its horns were disentangled from the cable, the animal bounded off down the hill -- as if nothing had happened.

The goat appeared to be unharmed. But we're still scratching our heads as to how it got trapped on the power line in the first place.

Some viewers lightheartedly speculate the goat thought it was going down a zip line, while others say it may have been hung there as part of a cruel prank.

It's also possible that the goat was running down the hill, tripped and landed on the line in some kind of freak accident -- just like what happened to this car in Tennessee over the weekend.

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