Goat Walks Into Oregon 7-Eleven, Helps Herself To Some Sour Skittles

She's tasting the rainbow.

A goat who clearly decided it was about time she tasted the rainbow was recorded last week munching on Sour Skittles inside an Oregon convenience store.

Witnesses spotted the hungry goat on Thursday at a 7-Eleven in Tigard, just outside of Portland.

Katelyn Lund was at store when the goat started its snacking spree. Her video of the animal went viral, generating over four million views.

“At that point I’m thinking, ‘Dude, does no one realize that there’s a real life goat in here? And where’s your mom?’” Lund told the Oregonian. “It turns out the guy checking out right next to me was her owner, which I found out a couple days later when I went in again.”

Lund described the other shoppers as “hella nonchalant” about the goat eating candy from the floor.

Here’s another photo of the goat shared by Lund on Facebook.

Apparently, keeping the candy stock low to the ground where kids can see it has the undesired side-effect of making it susceptible to animals. Recently, a Toronto convenience store appealed to the Internet for suggestions on how to address the candy-crazed squirrels that repeatedly stole sweets.

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