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This Baby Goat Yogi Is Not Kidding Around


Even if you’re not a big yoga fan (let's talk), it’s hard to deny the appeal of an adorable goat yoga partner.

Yoga teacher and author Rachel Brathen posted this sweet video of herself and her pet goat, Penny, on Instagram this week, and we’re already plotting how we can rope our own furry friends into similar stunts.

The two have plenty of practice striking a pose together.

Yoga in the backyard + baby goat = best afternoon ever😍🐐 #yogaeverydamnday

A photo posted by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on

So... This is my new family. Really? #baaaa #theyaresoweird #baaa

A photo posted by Penny Lane (@penny_thegoat) on

Brathen and Penny are part of a a long line of humans and animals to discover the joys of co-species yoga.

There’s dog yoga

... and, one of our favorites, bunny yoga.

It turns out there are even other goat yoga practitioners out there.

So really, feel free to incorporate your four-legged friends into your yoga routine, (safely, of course!) or just practice yoga while they’re around. Just keep in mind they may not be that impressed.

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