Woman Killed While Searching For Mysterious 'Goatman' Creature In Louisville, Kentucky

Legendary "Pope Lick Monster" is supposed to appear along train trestle.

An Ohio woman was struck and killed by a train on Saturday night while attempting to investigate the urban legend of a "goatman" in Louisville, Kentucky.

Roquel Bain, 26, was walking with her boyfriend on a train trestle where the creature was supposed to appear. Instead of a goatman, however, they encountered a Norfolk Southern train approaching at 32 mph, The Courier-Journal reported.

The train sounded its horn and Bain's boyfriend avoided collision by dangling from the edge of the trestle. She was hit by the train and fell 80 feet to the ground, the paper reported.

The pair had planned to take a ghost tour that evening, but decided to walk across the trestle first to find the goatman, CBS affiliate WLKY reported.

"The myth is you have to walk on the bridge to see the goatman," local resident Ron Crouch told WHAS 11, the local ABC station.

Crouch said he's never seen any sign of the supposed creature, also known as the Pope Lick Monster and named for the nearby Pope Lick Creek.

"The only thing I see is a few deer every once in a while," he told the station. "I wouldn’t confuse those with a goat."

There were signs posted that warned people not the climb the trestle, but some do anyway.

WAVE, the local NBC station, reported that some people mistakenly believe the track is no longer operational. Others know, but opt to take the risk.

"When you're young, you think you live forever; it's a euphoria. Or they think they can outrun the train," local resident Denise Harris told WAVE. "That's a long way to run and you can't run that fast."

(h/t Raw Story)

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