Goats, Guns and Georgia

Georgia is an interesting state. It's known for its peaches, its pecans and recently for its perverts. Now it's not a stretch that some of you might be thinking I'm referring to Mr. Freddie Wadsworth of Paulding County, Georgia. Freddie, in case you missed the story was spotted by some of his neighbors having sex with a goat. Outdoors. On his own property. Seriously, Freddie, get a room.

But on the list of those committing perverted behavior, Mr. Wadsworth doesn't even come close to Jermaine Collins. Jermaine decided to take a stroll down a street in Forrest Park, Georgia.

He was fashionably outfitted in a ballistic vest and assault rifle. And apparently he had a very itchy trigger finger. He scratched that itch by firing his assault rifle hitting several people including a 3-year old.

I think I hear the clamor from the NRA, Open Carry Texas and others who worship at the altar of the Second Amendment. They're not decrying that a child was shot but my use of the term "assault rifle." Well, kids, you can split all the semantic hairs you want but when a high velocity round enters the body of a 3-year old child, whether it was fired full auto or semi, the devastation to human flesh is pretty much the same. The bones are shattered and turned to internal shrapnel. The organs, muscles and other soft tissue get turned to jelly, meatloaf, a dog's breakfast, or whatever noxious food analogy you want to use. Just ask Dr. Jeremy Cannon. He's a trauma surgeon. He's also a crack military shooter and served in the Sandbox -- Iraq and Afghanistan.

Also on the list is Dennis Marx. He staged a one-man, full-on invasion of the Cumming, Georgia Courthouse. Marx naturally was armed with an assault rifle. He shot a deputy.

Then there's David Preston Cook of Walton County, Georgia. He apparently thought it would be a good idea to take his assault rifle and fire 40-50 rounds at cops who came for him after getting a 911 call.

But the real perverts in Georgia are the legislators who willingly allow these weapons of war to freely roam the highways, byways, and yes, even the airports of Georgia.

Despite the NRA's verbal gymnastics to call these mass murder machines "modern sport rifles" they are anything but. These assault weapons, as most sane people recognize, are designed to do one thing and one thing only: kill as many humans as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. And as a side line make money for the politicians to keep those weapons coming. So that leads us to Georgia pervert number 1: House Speaker David Ralston, who said that no assault weapons will be banned on his watch. Along side him are Jan Jones, Speaker Pro Tempore and John Burns, Majority Leader.

Also please note that Georgia state legislators rank 6th out of all of our 50 states for receiving the highest amount of NRA backed money. That kind of money and those morally weak enough to take it to block any gun-sense legislation are perversions of a very high order.

And that makes David Watson, his followers and their fellow hallucinatory politicians in other states, not only perverts but also phantom triggermen for every single person on the receiving end of an assault rifle bullet. And that's just Georgia peachy. Especially for the victims.