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Goats In Downtown LA: Angels Knoll's Newest Landscapers

WATCH: Downtown's Favorite Landscapers Are Weed-Eating Goats!

Angels Knoll in Downtown Los Angeles has contracted landscaping company hungry for the job: Boer South African Goats, reports the LA Times.

Environmental Land Management (ELM) has enlisted the farm animals to assist in the removal of "large sections of dry grass, weeds, thistles and anything that is flammable," according the ELM website.

As of August 3, the San Diego-based company had nearly ninety goats eating vegetation at Angels Knoll. Angels Knoll was made famous by the film, "500 Days Of Summer," staring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Although it looks "idyllic" in the film, the reality is much different -- "Angels Knoll is a pretty nasty-looking excuse for urban sanctuary," states Simone Wilson of LA Weekly. Here's hoping the goats can put some sparkle back into the place with their gift of natural fertilization.

For more information on ELM, please reference the company's website.

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