Disorderly Kids Contemplate Goat Theft Auto

These Aussie goats have no respect for authority.

Two naughty goats got caught stomping all over a police car in western Australia last week, and now they’re the internet’s latest animal stars.

In the photo below, the pair can be seen trampling on the hood of the patrol vehicle, surrounded by their pals on the ground.

Waroona Police posted the snap on Instagram and Twitter last Wednesday. 

“Trying to keep the kids amused these school holidays?” officers captioned the image, which is now going viral and sparking dozens of goat-related puns.

“Kids have absolutely no respect for authority these days,” one person replied, while another added, “When the kids get on your goat call the cops to keep them out of mischief.”

It’s unclear how police officers dealt with the disorderly duo, who follow in the footsteps of couch-jumping sensations Wilma and Lentil in attaining goat internet stardom.