Goats Standing On Things (VIDEO)

Goats are kind of trending right now. Like the piggies that sent a buzz around the animal world a couple months ago, goats are now all the rage. HuffPost even has a news page dedicated to the barnyard creatures.

Though before you go out and snag yourself a cute billy, you might want to consider a particular quirk of theirs -- climbing. Yes, the hoofed animals like to scale, well, just about anything. Be it a massive pig, a tree, or even a person, goats have a penchant for climbing and standing on things. So much so the blog world caught on and there's a Tumblr dedicated to this habit.

The FDA even notes, "You should not be surprised to find that your goat has leapt to the top of your kitchen table or hopped over the backyard fence." They also explain that goats require "considerable space" and shelter from wind and rain.

So, as a tribute to the goat fad and their funny tendency to hop up on whatever suits them, here is a mashup of goats standing on things. Watch above for the video.



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