'Goats Yelling Like Humans Part 2' Video Posted On YouTube; Screaming Goats Continue To Rule Internet

Since The Roosevelts uploaded to YouTube a two-minute supercut featuring nothing but goats yelling like humans last month, the Internet has been going crazy for goats.

From facing off with Oprah and chatting with Obama, to singing alongside Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, the screaming goats have been very busy making their rounds in the viralverse.

Riding the goat-loving trend, The Roosevelts returned this past weekend with a brand new mashup.

"'Goats Yelling Like Humans' just crossed the 10 million view mark so to celebrate we pulled together a sequel," the group behind the website wrote in the YouTube description that accompanied the new clip.

Obsessed or so over it? What do you think of the screaming goat trend?

(Hat tip, Gawker)