God Grieves: Contemplations amid Tragedy

While praying for the shooting victims in Orlando, I remembered the souls still seeking clean water in Flint.

While remembering the residents of Flint, I remembered the souls of refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

While remembering precious souls of a tragic and watery demise, I remembered still grieving souls forced to mop up blood from their church’s floor.

While remembering grieving souls in Charleston, I remembered the weary soul of a homeless man seen defecating upon an open field.

While remembering this homeless man with his weary soul, I remembered yet another young soul who took the life of yet another young soul in my city.

While remembering lost young souls, I, too, remembered battered souls, the souls of women and children, daily terrorized at the hands of men who should love and protect them.

Then I remembered that God knows, feels, grieves, and is present to witness all pain and suffering in our world.

I concluded that no one suffers more than God.

Then I said, “Amen.”