God In The Movies: The Actors Who Grabbed The Biggest Role In Hollywood

The ancient Greeks used a crane to lift actors playing God onto the stage, where they'd promptly settle differences and bring the script to a swift, dramatic ending.

God is still making appearances in popular entertainment today, although the actors who speak for the divine have ranged from Charlton Heston in "The Ten Commandments" to Whoopi Goldberg in "A Little Bit Of Heaven."

Actor Morgan Freeman is perhaps Hollywood's most popular voice of God -- he's spoken for the deity in "Bruce Almighty" and "Evan Almighty." The 78-year-old will be using his holy credentials in an upcoming National Geographic series called "The Story of God," where he'll visit important religious sites around the world to examine humans' relationship to the Supreme Being.

Watch the video above to get a sampling of the actors who have played God in the movies. And then tell us -- who do you think did the best job?

Video edited by Ben Craw.