'God Loves Gays' Billboard Campaign Aims To Thwart Westboro Baptist's Anti-LGBT Efforts

LOOK: 'God' Launches Billboard Campaign To Thwart Anti-Gay Church's Efforts

A new campaign aims to counter the Westboro Baptist Church's headline-making, anti-gay efforts in a tongue-in-cheek way.

At present, Indiegogo users have contributed over $40,000 to the "God Loves Gays" billboard project. If the campaign is fully funded by October, "God" will erect a billboard in Topeka, Kansas (which is home to the Westboro Baptist Church) which reads "God Loves Gays."

"God is tired of having hate-speech put into his mouth by bigots," organizers write on the campaign's Indiegogo page.

The group says their aims go well beyond the borders of Kansas, too: "If we raise enough we could put up billboards in other states as well! Perhaps this will go GLOBAL!"

Check out the group's campaign video at top. Organizers have also taken to Twitter in support of the campaign:

The Westboro Baptist Church recently announced plans to protest the funeral of Robin Williams after deeming the Academy Award-winning actor a "fag pimp."

Read more about the "God Loves Gays" campaign here, or make a donation here. Check out the official Facebook page for the "Good Lord Above," too.

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