God Loves Trump !

It is very clear that God loves Trump, because Trump won the presidency. It's fairly clear that God does not love Hillary Clinton quite as much, maybe because she is not flawed enough, not a great enough sinner to be over-loved by God. It's extremely clear to any Bible reader that God always uses men of questionable morality to forward God's projects in the world. Here's a reminder of a few biblical heroes and their notable sins:

Noah was a drunk

Abraham pimped his wife as his 'sister'

Abraham abandoned his son Ishmael and Ishmael's mother

Lot offered two virginal daughters to a mob of men

Isaac had a favorite between two sons

Jacob was an inveterate liar

Samson was a womanizer

Moses was a murderer

Joshua was a murderer

David was a murderer

Elijah was a murderer

Gideon was a murderer

Elisha released 2 bears to dismember and devour 42 kids

I could enlarge the list to another ten names, but a short list serves. Trump does not rise to the level of all the biblical heroes' immorality, but God can work with Trump because Trump really does have that certain something we may term The Sinner's Élan, an eagerness to 'sin boldly' like Protestant champion Martin Luther advised.

Since God chose Trump, we can read the mind of God and know God's plans for the next year. Here's a rough guide to what God wants to get done:

Drop medical coverage for 20 million people

Cut taxes on ten million millionaires

Cut taxes on one million billionaires

Dump regulations that prevent companies from polluting

Dump regulations that prevent us from revving up the earth's temperature

Dump regulations that prevent companies from risking employees lives

Cut laws requiring a minimum wage

Outlaw lawsuits against grossly negligent businesses

Uphold laws that allow untold money to influence politics

Dissolve gay marriages

Menace immigrants

Force unwanted babies into a society that won't tend to them

Hobble government agencies to prove government is inept

This should be enough for God to accomplish within a year. God may indeed have a more radical twist up his sleeve for year two of the Trump presidency. And we cannot wholly rule out the ill effects of devilish Democrats who might try to thwart the good intentions of God and his earthly proxy, The Donald.

God works in mysterious, furtive, cryptic, and even cagey ways. We have only to sit back and relax and let God's political playbook unclasp itself in the mystifying movements of God's Beloved President, Donald J. Trump.